Dentists in Lodi NJ are available 24 hours a day to provide emergency dental services. This is especially helpful if you have a tooth that has been injured and need immediate treatment to get it back into place.

A 24-hour dentist may work at a 24 hour dental center or just be an on-call dentist who is available night and weekend. Both of these options will provide you with the dental care that you need.

Emergency Dentist

An emergency dentist is a dental professional that is trained to provide care in an urgent situation. They are usually located in a hospital or clinic and they work around the clock. They are experts in dealing with toothaches, nerve damage and other problems that arise in the middle of the night or during the weekend.

They are also able to offer you the most advanced dentistry available in the area. These services include repairing cracked or chipped teeth, fixing broken restorations, replanting knocked-out teeth and even reshaping gum tissue.

A knocked out tooth is a dental emergency that should be taken seriously. The right emergency dentist can replant the tooth to its socket and restore it to normal function. In some cases, a temporary tooth can be placed in the socket while you are waiting for an appointment with an emergency dentist. The best part is that you will be back to your regular routine in no time.

24-Hour Dentist

If you find yourself in a dental emergency, a 24-hour dentist is always available for your convenience. Whether you need a root canal or are experiencing severe pain in your jaw, a dentist who is open around the clock will be able to provide you with the care that you need right away.

A 24-hour dentist is an additional service that most dental offices provide to their patients. They may also work at a dental emergency center or be an on-call dentist that is available to see patients during the night and weekend.

A knocked out tooth is a dental emergency and should be treated promptly by a skilled Lodi dentist to make sure the tooth is reattached. In addition, a wiggly tooth that is caused by gum damage needs to be seen as soon as possible because this could indicate periodontal disease or a weak jaw bone. It is also a good idea to use an ice pack on the affected area and take some pain medication until you can get to the dentist.

Night & Weekend Dentist

A dental emergency can occur at any time of the day or night. Whether you or your child has knocked out a tooth, chipped a tooth, bitten down on a piece of food and caught your tongue, cheek or lip, or had an abscess form, there are dentists in Lodi NJ that can help you right away.

The most important thing you can do to get yourself or your family out of pain is to act quickly. You should rinse your mouth thoroughly with water to clear out any bacteria, then use a cold compress to reduce the swelling. A clean gauze on the site can also help to slow down the bleeding. Alternatively, you can call an emergency dental clinic in Lodi NJ and book an appointment for emergency care. If you have a tooth that has been chipped or broken, you can take the fragments into this office and let the Lodi dentists save it for you.

Odd Hours Dentist

Aside from the requisite routine maintenance and a healthy diet, getting regular check ups with a hygienist can have significant benefits for your teeth and gums. Visiting your dentist every 6 months or so (or more) can also reduce the risk of dental emergencies down the road. Having said that, finding a quality dentist who specializes in your particular type of dentistry may be a daunting task. Thankfully, we at Lodi Family Dentistry have you covered.

Dentists in Lodi NJ Are Available 24 Hours a Day