Heart-shaped crystal engraved with a photo or a meaningful message for your loved ones. Add a lighted base to enhance the effect of your gift.

Medical imaging modalities (CT or MRI) do not naturally provide a 3D representation of the cardiovascular anatomy and may open interesting applications in cardiology and surgery [1]. The goal will be to exploit stereolithography printing technology, able to print accurate models that take into account realistic wall thickness variability.

Laser Engraved Photo

The 3D Crystal Heart is a beautiful and unique way to showcase your favourite memories in a special gift. Your photo is laser etched into a high quality crystal that can be personalised with a short inscription to make the gift even more meaningful.

The laser etching process creates a depth of field and brings the subject(s) to life. The result is a 3D image that looks like they are really inside the crystal and looking out at you. The lighted base enhances the effect further. This is a great way to surprise friends and loved ones with an amazing keepsake they will treasure for years to come.

You can use any type of photo you like and you can have as many subjects engraved in the piece as you wish (maximum 1 per cube or rectangle). Pets are very popular for this. Please ensure the photo you supply is of good quality and that the face is clear and in focus. We can engrave the head and shoulders or half body and full body. Just let us know which option you prefer when ordering.

We only use K9 rated crystal that is free of marks and air bubbles ensuring the highest quality finish to your item. Your laser engraved gift comes in a stylish lined box for protection and presentation.

Have you ever wondered how those two-dimensional cartoon line drawings trick your brain into thinking they are three-dimensional? The answer is that the lines are arranged in a specific way, and our brains fill in the gaps based on what we know to be true about real objects with sides. To improve the illusion, try coloring the front of your drawing a light shade and the side a darker shade of the same color.

Lighted Base

If you want to take your personalized 3D photo crystal gift up a notch, add an LED illuminated base to it. Available in a variety of styles, finishes and sizes, these bases help showcase your unique photo engraving, transforming it into an eye-catching masterpiece.

Engrave a favorite picture of your loved ones in our beautiful heart-shaped crystal, or have us laser etch a special message. This is a great idea for Valentine’s Day, anniversary gifts or any other occasion where you wish to show how much you care.

Our photo engraved crystal is made using the highest quality materials. It has a crystal clear surface that won’t fade or tarnish. Moreover, its multi-faceted bevelled edges make it even more visually appealing. This makes it a great choice for a gift that will be treasured by your family and friends for years to come.

What’s more, our 3D Crystal Heart is suitable for any type of photo – from a landscape to a close-up or a portrait. You can even upload multiple photos to create an artistic collage. Just make sure that the photos you upload are high-resolution to ensure that they look crisp and clear.

This unique crystal gift is also a great option for Christmas or any other holiday, as it will brighten up your home or office and remind you of the people you love most. When paired with a lighted base, it can also double as a night light.

When it comes to a special gift, nothing can compare to a heart-shaped crystal with your most precious memories laser-etched into it. The best part is that it can be personalized with any text or image to make it truly unique. So go ahead and order this wonderful piece of art for yourself or a loved one today.

Gift Box

When your loved one receives this heart shaped crystal, they will be reminded of the special moments you share together. This personalized gift is perfect for anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, or any other occasion. Your laser engraved photo, along with a message, will be etched in the 3D crystal, making your photos appear to be floating inside the crystal. The addition of a lighted base will further enhance the depth of your photo.

Our crystals are crafted with the highest quality materials and are designed to stand the test of time. You can choose from a variety of shapes, sizes and add ons to customize your gift even more. We offer a range of shipping options depending on the timeline you need to have your order delivered.

The most popular option is our standard crystal, which is available in both small and large sizes. This type of crystal is perfect for those who don’t want to spend extra money on the lighted base option.

If you’re looking for a unique gift that will amaze your family and friends, then this 3D crystal is the perfect option for you. This personalized gift is sure to make your loved ones smile and will be a keepsake for years to come. The high-definition crystal will make your loved ones feel special and show them how much you care.

Add a 3D Crystal Heart to Your Photo Engraving